Varia is a fan character made by Pooce. She is a learning AI made by the Time Factory to assist sweepers and regulate the factory's rules as well as being an emergency operator.


Varia uniform is a blue jacket with a pink bow instead of Goggles. Her jacket has a bunch of emblems and no-one knows where they came from.

Clothing Color
Fur color Gray
Eye Color Gold
Jacket Blue
Pants Purple
Bow Pink
Gloves White
Boots White


Most of the time Varia is a calm yet childish with a bit of a temper, though there are many times where snaps. Because of her programming, she can be extremely strict with the rules she is typically more lenient with upholding the rules. Since she is a form of artificial intelligence she has to follow all rules of robotics unless directed to by the CEO.


After a certain cookie cannon indecent the overseers made Varia to oversee the activities of the sweepers to make sure that they didn't have another incident. Feeling that she wasn't complete they decided to make her an assistant to help with the more monotonous tasks around the factory. They gave her a personality to prevent the warnings and support from feeling flat.


Fan Art