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Terry Kasaii is a Blinx fan character created by AsiimovWolf.


Terry is a gray tabby with dark gray accents throughout his body. He wears a black blazer with a red shirt, khaki pants, dockers shoes and a pair of old goggles from when he was still a Time Sweeper.


He's laid back and doesn't really talk much, all he does is work and drink a ton of Pepsi MAX.


Terry Kasaii Was Born on August 8th 1989, Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean alone in the Earth Dimension, He was Rescued after his Parents Could Not Make it onto the Rescue Helicopter after a Airliner Crashed into the Ocean on August 1st 1989, He Held a Previous Job in Louisiana in 2005 as a Ride Operator for the Now-Abandoned "Six Flags New Orleans" for a Summer Job, with no Home at the time, he was forced to ride out the storm at the park, he had a Friend that was in the same Situation, but the friend did not live to tell the tale as he was trapped in one of the buildings, He also had a Job at Circuit City Until it Closed on March 6th 2009 as a Store Manager, Then he became a Nomad and eventually Settled in St Clairsville, Ohio The Same place he Found an Apartment, Got a Girlfriend, Got Married and also Where he held a Steady Job at the Ohio Valley Mall Sam Goody Record Store until he Quit to find a Better Job, He Quit his Job at the Mall on September 30th 2014 and He was Hired as a Time Sweeper on October 14th 2014, He was Later Promoted On October 18th 2017, He now Works in the Offices of the Time Factory and keeps the factory Financially Stable.


During His time as a Time Sweeper, he Was not on a Team, he was transferred around the time Teams Became Standard


He Had a Girlfriend and they Were Married once, they were Divorced after an argument involving Living Costs, Having Children and the fact that Terry worked too hard and never took a break for the family as he constantly just had work

Concept and Creation

AsiimovWolf Created this Boio because he felt like having his own Sweeper OC, of course, this lead to the development of the "Work Sweeper" Tier of the Time Factory.


  • He's the only Work Sweeper as of right now.
  • He's the only cat in the Time Factory that owns a real gun from the Earth dimension.
  • He's the only person in the entire Time Factory that drinks Pepsi MAX because clearly nobody else there likes the taste.
  • He currently drives a 2013 Chrysler 200 S "Special Edition", after his 2004 Pontiac Bonneville decided to quit on him and his 2009 Ford Focus Sport Coupe caused Mass humiliation, As for his Jetta TDI Cup Edition, Lately he Traded it in for a 2013 Chrysler 200 S "Special Edition" which he is currently Driving.


  • "Yeah I'll get those out in like 5 Minutes."

Official Artwork