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Isaac is a human Time Sweeper that lives and works at the Time Factory. He is the main protagonist of the "Sector 1221" fanfiction series.


Bodily Feature Color
Eyes Jade Green
Hair (Human) Dark Brown
Skin (Human) Pale
Fur (Cat) Black and White
Goggle Lenses Jade Green
Jacket Purple
Gloves White
Pants Black
Boots White
Metal Standard Metal

Human (Undisguised)

Isaac is a human male that stands at about 1.82 meters tall. He has jade eyes, pale skin, and dark hair.

Cat (Disguised)

With his disguise activated, Isaac takes on the appearance of a typical Time Factory cat, and his eye color and height are retained. His fur pattern is a half-and-half vertical split. His right side is black fur, and the left side is white.


Because Isaac comes from a world where it's permanently winter, his uniform has a bit of a snowboarding theme. He wears a purple jacket similar in style to Blinx's jacket in Blinx 2, white gloves with rubber padding in the palms, baggy black cargo pants, and white boots.


Isaac is a kind-hearted kid and a bit of a softy. He cares very deeply for his friends, and does whatever he can to make them happy. An empath by nature, Isaac has little trouble identifying how his friends feel, and can share their emotions. Isaac himself is also a bit more emotionally vulnerable, and has a habit of trying to hide any negative feelings so as to make those around him more comfortable.

His personality occasionally switches back and forth between two different versions of itself. While they're not two truly separate personalities, Isaac can almost seem like two different people at times because of them. The first and most commonly observed side of him is his introverted side. He'll be a lot more shy, quiet, and meditative, sometimes preferring to be by himself. One-on-one encounters with Isaac in this state may cause him to reveal his true feelings, especially if whoever's talking with him is a close friend. His other side is much more extroverted. Loud, fun-loving, and energetic are the best words to describe him in this case. Giving Isaac caffeine or sugar when he's in this state of mind is not recommended.

Skills and Abilities

Isaac is very adept at using time controls, and is constantly experimenting to try and find new ways to use them. His personal favorite control is Record, and he's got several tricks up his sleeve that use the control to its fullest. One of Isaac's techniques, dubbed the "Ghost Clone Jutsu", can be used in a variety of different situations. It involves Isaac recording himself many times over to create several "ghost clones" to help him complete mission objectives.

He's also an expert marksman, and is a terrifying force to be reckoned with when he has his Winterfield in hand. At least, when he's focused that is. Isaac has a reputation for very rarely missing any shots, regardless of what scenario he's in. Luckily for his non-monster enemies, he prefers to use non-lethal tranq rounds.





Isaac uses the TS-5000X sweeper model due to it's fast sweeping and shooting speeds, as well as its quirky design. He's modded it with a large sweeper pack, combo cartridge, and lots of time bowls.

Winterfield 99D-S2

The Winterfield 99D-S2 is a highly customizable version of the Winterfield sniper rifle, that was renamed by Isaac because he thought that adding "99D-S2" to the end would make it sound cooler. It can fire multiple different ammunition types, including anti time monster and tranquilizer rounds.


To be revealed in "Sector 1221", coming December 21st!


Sector 1221 Trainees


Team Timewalker



Sector 1221


After Isaac was rescued and brought to the Time Factory, Keiko was the first of the trainees to try and get to know him. Keiko helped to ease Isaac into his new life at the Time Factory, and because of this he grew to deeply value their friendship. Throughout their training years, Isaac developed a secret crush for Keiko, but could never work up the courage to let her know. A couple years after they graduated, Keiko invited Isaac to join Team Timewalker as a backup support member. They can most commonly be seen together in the kitchen, experimenting with new recipes to hopefully serve their friends.


Meeting during Sweeper training, Rook and Isaac quickly became your typical guy friends. They love to hang out, eat food, play video games, and goof off together. Rook quietly admired Isaac's usually upbeat and optimistic attitude, and it inspired him to keep giving his all during training. After graduation, Rook and Isaac still keep in touch and meet up often.








Klawdia absolutely terrifies Isaac. The nurse first met while Isaac was in Sector 1221's medical bay during his recovery. When he woke up for the first time in the Factory, Klaws' toothy grin was the first thing he saw. Not the best way to be introduced to someone. Because of Isaac's fear of her, she often likes to tease and mess with him whenever she gets the chance. If he ever gets badly injured though, Klawdia will still make sure that he's well taken care of.



Team Timewalker


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Other Time Factory Personnel


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Canon Characters


They sat together in the food court one time.

Concept and Creation

Isaac as a character has been in the works for a long time. He was originally created as a self-insert character back in the late 2000s when I first played Blinx 2. It was the first game I'd ever played that let you create your own character. Little me fell in love with the idea of being a Time Sweeper, and thus Isaac was born! Sort of! He was simply named Dalton at the time. When I was younger, the only story I had for the character was basically just "He's a human disguised as a Time Sweeper, deal with it." Over the years, he never really had too much development, but was always at the back of my mind. I'd always wondered what it'd be like to be the only human in a world dominated by another race. While I wasn't trying to actively develop him, I'd occasionally have dreams where I was put into this scenario, which inspired parts of Isaac's current story. In early 2018, I joined the Blinx Corps Discord server, and my interest in the Blinx games overall surged. I decided to try and write Isaac, then known as Dalton, as a fully fleshed-out character. With the help of many server members, his design, personality, backstory, and relationships were slowly developed over the course of the year. During this main development phase, the character slowly became less of a self-insert and more of his own unique character. It was during this time that his name changed to Isaac, to symbolize the split between creator and creation. And now here he is! I hope you'll join Isaac and I in his journey to become a Time Sweeper!


  • Isaac's homeworld outfit is inspired by the character designs of Mac Fraser and Kaori Nishidake from the SSX video game series, specifically their concept art for SSX 2012.
  • When disguised as a cat, Isaac will use cat puns semi-frequently when speaking.
  • Isaac's "Ghost Clone Jutsu" is a reference to the "Shadow Clone Technique" used in the Naruto series.
  • The "99D-S2" designation for Isaac's Winterfield is a reference to the Sniper Rifle System 99D-Series 2 Anti-Matériel, a UNSC sniper rifle used in the Halo series.

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