Ian is a fan character created by catgirl140, based off the Blinx 2: The Time Sweeper NPC of the same name. He currently works as a Time Sweeper in the Time Factory and is a member of Team Timewalker.


Clothing Colour
Fur colour Black, white
Eye colour Yellow
Jacket Black, green
Pants Black
Boots White
Goggle Lens Green
Gloves White
Metal Black

Ian bears a strong resemblance to a tuxedo/bicolour cat, having white and black fur. His eyes are yellow and have a moderate round shape.

As a member of Team Timewalker, he wears the team's uniform (Keiko's personal uniform).


Skills and Abilities


Much like every other member of Team Timewalker, Ian is equipped with a black and green variant of the TS-X7, known for it's fast sweeping and shooting speeds. The Combo Cartridge is also attached, allowing him to activate time combos.



Team: Timewalker

Position: Member (2)


  • Keiko
  • Stuart
  • Christopher

Backup members:

  • Nelson
  • Elliot


Team members


Ian and Keiko quickly became close friends after meeting at their graduation ceremony. The two usually pair up for missions together as well as hang out outside of work often. Ian knows more personal details about Keiko that would make Stuart and Christopher reel, like Keiko's bra size and past loves.





Clement is Ian's twin brother, who is also a Time Sweeper within the Time Factory. Ian is used to Clement constantly trying to prove himself to be the better twin (whether that be in strength or intelligence) but Ian does not care for a one-sided rivalry. As a result, Ian and Clement are not particularly close.

Concept and Creation

  • Ian is the creator's favourite NPC in MOTAS and has been a member of her team since he was registered, and he's unlikely to be replaced anytime soon.
  • Ian could potentially become Keiko's romantic interest but more development is required.


  • Ian's NPC outfit consists of a black and white zebra jacket and tan pants.
  • Ian is about the same height as Keiko.


Official Artwork